new jacket

okay so i was planning on writing a longer post for you lot about equi-theme and things that they do that I like at the minute, they have lots of things in pink which i totally love as I'm sure that most of you can tell that it is my favourite colour! So on monday I ordered a new riding Jacket that came in pink purple and brown, its a quilted jacket, and I can't wait to show you all it when I get it, but I haven't got it today so I am hoping that it will come tomorrow. I also plan on showing you all some of my favourite products that are in the horse market.

Tomorrow I will be doing a longer post and won't be as stressed because unfortunately tomorrow morning from 9 til 12:00 so that will be something that's out of the way, I will also be showing you all some of the things that I have made during my textiles lessons over the past few years, it ranges from a punk theme to a theme of fairieality and then a theme of belly dancing which is the theme that I am currently working on.

Until Then A Girl With A Dream xxxx


  1. Sounds neat cant wait to see them!

  2. Got pictures of my jacket from different angles will be putting them on in a new post :)


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