Shoulder-in, half pass and a new school surface.

So Today I rode Gatsby and had a good time. So far even though it looks like its going to be a cold winter, and not very nice at all (though I am hoping there is no snow and no thunderstorms as they tend to freak me out! But I was really excited to see that Fiona had got a new surface for the indoor school it is now rubber chippings she had said that she was going to do it and we were going to be the first one to use it. It took fiona and the gang from 10am yesterday til 7:30pm last night for Fiona to have the new school surface laying fat on the ground, and covering the entire arena, it was really fun to ride on and there wasn't as many puddles on it. But it also seemed to make Gatsby feel like he was lighter, he really seemed to enjoy it and have fun. Well his ears were forward the entire time! 

Today we decided that we were going to carry on the shoulder in and work on the outline but more focus on the shoulder in than the outline! It was really funny because for the first 15-20 minutes we were working on the outline and during this time you could see that I was part way there but was just over thinking it a little bit to much. So we then moved on to doing the shoulder in and I learnt that I really had to ever exaggerate the movement so that he moves out more but then keeping a firm inner leg so that he doesn't drift off the track and into half pass (which we did do a couple of times) The walk I found this harder in but its something that I am going to work on. 

Next week I get to try going over some poles and doing pole work with Gatsby and maybe even popping over a couple of jumps, which would be quite fun to do as I haven't jumped Gatsby since june/july and he was the last horse that I jumped so it has been quite a while, but I can not wait to ride Gatsby again next week and possibly try jumping it will be so much fun! I just love that horse! 

Tomorrow I am off to the NIA at Birmingham to see the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, this is something that I have always wanted to see and almost did get to see once but this time I get to see them! I have had the ticket books to go to the NIA since August, but the tickets only arrived last week and I was so excited when the tickets arrived. Before watching the Spanish Riding School I get to see a Demo done by Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin. 

Until Tomorrow
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