YAY i have got my new jacket!

Well my new jacket arrived last night, but things got really busy so I wasn't able to post anything about it before and this is the first chance that I have got to come on my blog, update my posts and look at what everyone else has been up to. 

So first of all when my jacket came, I got my mum to bring it down to my at school because I was cold but also because I was just super excited to get my new jacket, and I love it! When I first got it and put it on I realised that it wasn't as warm as I first thought it was going to be, but it was really comfy. The jacket is bright pink and from the picture I thought that it was going to be the thickness of a Bronte riding jacket, but it wasn't so for anyone that thinks about looking in to buying this it isn't as warm as it looks. I think it looks warmer because it is quilted. Then at the collar it has a big collar, you'll see what I mean from the pictures that I am putting in this post, and the inside of the collar was ribbed I think and then the outside was the quilted material. The cuffs and around the bottom of the jacket (the waist) there was also ribbing. If people are thinking about buying this they need to take into consideration that it is VERY tight fitting, it warns you on the website, but I would recommend that anyone gets the jacket in a size bigger than they normally would be, because it's snug fitting, fortunately my mum took this in to consideration so I did this and it was just the right fit for me. I haven't tried riding in it just yet but I am hoping to ride in it this weekend, infact tomorrow. So I will let you all know how comfy it is to wear when riding grooming etc. 

Gatsby has finally been clipped, but unfortunately he was the scared of the clippers that when Fiona went to clip him he reared up on her. So Fiona had to buy a sedative so that she would be able to clip him. She told me that she was buying the sedative last weekend and that she would be doing it this weekend and he has had it done today.  So tomorrow you will be able to see how he has been clipped, and I can't wait to see myself! Now onto the pictures so you can see what the jacket is like. 

This shows the front of the jacket, the ribbing on the collar and the cuff. It doesn't show the quilting too well.

Showing off the big collar, the outside in rasberry pink, and then the navy blue zip and you can just see the lining peeping through which is also navy blue and says 'Equi-theme' on it.

Back of the Jacket showing the big collar, and showing the ribbing, this also shows better that the jacket doesn't come to hip level for those of you that are used to longer jackets, this does finish on the waist.

More to show the length and the appliqued on shield above the shield it says '1985' and then below it on the banner type thing it said 'Equi theme' will take a better picture of it tomorrow.

Other side of the jacket, showing the plain side, with no applique on this also shows off better the length of the jacket.

Bigger picture of the jacket, showing off the blue lining and the pocket, the flap does up with a popper, but that is not how you undo it, to undo it you open the zip that is above it. 
Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream


  1. Your jacket is awesome :)

    Quite a few horses seem to have issues with the clippers!

  2. thank you :)

    Gatsby used to be okay with them so we think something happened when he was kept at Broomfield (the place he was at before he moved) xx


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