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Monday, 17 December 2012
so today I had my last two university interviews and I am so glad that they are over because before them even though I don't realise it I get worried/nervous/stressed about how they are going to go, and then after being all those things then normally happy at the end of the interview I feel completely shattered and so do I the next day! 

The first interview was for the fine art photography, which was my least favourite of the two courses, but it was another course at Derby (the closest uni to me). However after the interview today even if I get a place on that particular course there is no way that I will be choosing it. To start with they looked at my work and then said to pick which my favourite pieces were and say why they were my favourite this was easy and I found okay, BUT then they started making me feel even more nervous and on edge. They said that my work was confusing... how can photographs be confusing? NO other course has said this! URGHHH!! Then they said that my work wasn't as good as the others so I would need to start on a foundation course or I'd fail, I don't mind being criticized and told how to improve but I do NOT like being told it's not good enough, and being put down! So I left this interview feeling totally down, upset and annoyed.

The second interview that I had was at Derby as well but this was for the commercial photography this was the course that I liked the most, it was the course that I fell in love with on the open day, and the people that when I met I really liked! This course was just calling my name, from the minute that I walked in to the interview I felt a lot happier, I was more relaxed, less on edge and felt happier talking about my work! As my new camera came today I took it with me to play with whilst I was waiting for my turn, this was the ice breaker as one of the guys wanted to know what the camera was like and was taking a look at whether he'd like it or not. They then looked at my photographs and said while they were very good that they could be better, and that I did well teaching myself, they also looked at my art work and said I was a talented artist, which was a huge compliment for me, as recently I haven't been happy with my art at all. They then asked about my chronic pain syndrome, why Derby university, and if I was happy photographing a wide variety of different things which I was. They then asked if I would mind doing a foundation course as this was something that would help me a lot and something that one of the tutors had done when they were a Student in Derby which I found really interesting, and that often the students that do that extra year are the students that make the most out of the course! This was something I didn't mind and agreed with they then said 'when we offer you a place we will take you as long as you do the extra year' and then had to change it and say that they can't say when as they are not allowed to say whether they've agreed or not and that it would be two to three weeks before I would hear back from them. We had a laugh and a joke and the interview became more a chat with people than formal and structures.

Other GOOD news! My camera came today at 9:00am so I have taken some photographs playing around with 'creative mood' and then using the 'selective colour' section I will put the pictures up for you tomorrow! We still have no idea where my camera went on saturday or how it managed to turn up so early this morning, I am just glad to have it and I LOVE it! 

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  1. Me said...:

    Well, that's a bummer they made you feel badly about your work - that's not cool. At least you know now which is better then later especially if you ended up in that program.

    Yay for the new camera! Can't wait to see your pictures! Not sure if you follow Kate over at but she's really into photography and has had a couple of shows with her photos. She's very talented as well. ;)

  1. Exactly, Commercial had always been my favourite but after the interview they were even more so, and only helped my decision that I loved commercial photography.

    I haven't got Kate but will head over their and have a look now :) Thanks for the heads up :)

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