Boxing Day, and it's Only three days til I see Gatsby again!

Hey Everybody,

well yesterday's post was a really short post so today I have decided that I will take the time to make it a longer post. So today we had the tradition of my sister, her partner and my nephew coming over, and boy is that little fella starting to get clever and adventurous! I am not sure if all of you know that my mum has a little black and white Shih Tzu called Angel, who was originally my sisters and was bought for her as a Christmas Present. However at this time my sister already had Two cats that were used to having the space to themselves! Well my sisters Dad rang my mum asking if we would have the dog cause Anne-Marie didn't realize how much hard work it would be and Angel wasn't getting on with the Cats. Angel's been with us ever since, and she is 100% my mums dog but Angel has decided that she doesn't want to be around Brody we think it's because she thinks that she'll get told off but we really do not know. But today Angel was curled up on one of the chairs and Brody was on his own with me and mum watching him from a distance and Brody decided to pull himself up on the chair Angel was sitting on so he was standing holding on to the chair. Then he stroked her and shock horror she let him and for a couple of minutes she stayed there! But after those few minutes she was gone and that set off a whole new adventure for Brody because now that he can crawl he decided it would be fun to follow Angel everywhere that she went!

Then my sister, my mum and I looked at the pattern that we are creating for my sisters Pakistani outfit that she is making, I think I mentioned it in an earlier post but if I didn't let me know and I'll tell you that story! After my sister went we spent time watching T.V. and my brother was going to go out on a bike ride and do some training but for what must be the fifth if not sixth time in a month his bike had a puncture in it, that had appeared over the night when he wasn't even using the bike. Then we watched Eastenders because I just love that show I love knowing everything that is going on because it is just easy to watch. 

Now here I am writing my blog with the dog curled up keeping my feet warm, wait... no she must have heard what I was thinking because she's jumped off and sat on a chair next time! 

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