Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true

Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true
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Creative Side of Life

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so as you all know the past couple of days I have been being creative but have not had the time to put it in a post what it is that I am being creative about, so here is a post dedicated to telling you what it is!

Two days ago I went to look at some boots at Risley Saddlery and decided I didn't like them but thought that whilst I was there I might as well have a look round and see if there was anything else there that caught my eye, my mum and I also needed to look at Jackets because my dad has decided that he wants a Bronte jacket for his birthday but we are going to be ordering that off the internet for him and hope that it comes in time for his birthday which is near the end of January. While I was there I saw these really cute ear fly covers or fly bonnet as it is some times called that you use in riding and put on the horses ears and it keeps the sound out and the flies away, my mum looked at them and said they wouldn't be too hard to Crochet, so I then asked if we could go to Risley and buy some wool, and got black for the majority but then a pink fluffy yarn for the bottom edge at the front! When we got home I spent a while looking on the internet to find a pattern that I could follow that was free and eventually found one that I could use but it was american so I had to keep asking mum to change the stitch names for me and also to teach me how to Crochet as I have never done it before, the first ear I started and then had to do again because i was losing stitches, and splitting stitches however by the time of the first ear second attempt I wasn't doing and by the end of the other ear I was able to do it all on my own! We then had to crochet the crown part to attach the ears together and then had to add a browband to it at both the front and back so that when being used in riding it can be caught under the Bridle keeping it in place! We then Crocheted the rest of it and mum did the bit I couldn't do wear you made it go in to a curve in the middle at the bottom. After this we added the pink yarn. Although we followed a basic pattern there was a few bits that didn't make sense and we had to change, but it worked out in the end and I finished it today! 

You might wonder why I did this? Well the simple reason is it was cheaper to make one than buy one and then it could be personalized to me but at the same time it was one extra thing (in the right size for the size of horse I want) and one step closer to having the things I need/desire for my own horse so that is why I decided to do it. Here's some pictures of it let me know what you think! Also here are two pictures to show you my method of keeping my elbows tucked in!

Here's a picture for you all of what I mean, cause I know they get called a lot of things, the ones above  have fabric for the ears, mine shown below are entirely done by Crochet!

Ears, te one on the left is the one I managed to do on my own!

Front of the finished project!

Back of the finished Project

 Until Next Time 
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