Dedicated rider or complete lunatic?

Saturday, 29 December 2012
Thanks mum for giving me the title of this post it sure did make me laugh! Well as you know today was my day to ride Gatsby and in true typical English weather it decided to not only chuck it down but to get windy too! But we still plodded on and I got called a dedicated rider again, I am starting to love the compliment but not have as much as I love the sports that we all do!

When I got to the yard the rain was just starting to settle down and because of this we decide that we would do a quick brush down as earlier in the day Fiona had done a proper groom and then tack up quickly while the rain was easing off as, so instead of getting on at 1, we got on at about quarter to 1 but then we stayed on til 2 so we got extra then the hour we normally get! YAY! During the lesson we decided that we were going to do some shoulder in and leg yielding, because it was something I really wanted to try because I have been working on my elbows and I just really wanted to try it. So to start with we did some warming up and spent about 10 minutes in walk, including warming up using the leg yeilds, and the odd turn on the forehand and boy has he changed since I did that in June because guess what? There was NO going backwards! YAYYYY! Major accomplishment for me and Gatsby. We then did that cool exercises down the centre line that I told you all about! We then moved in to the trot and at this point the rain had stopped, thank god for that but it didn't stay rain free! While there was no rain we did some leg yields to the right and I did one shoulder in down the long side next to the fence of the school. Fiona then decided that doing it down the sides was too easy and we needed more of a challenge so instead we were going to do it down the centre line, but when we got to x if we had start shoulder in to the right we then switched to doing shoulder in to the left this was really really tricky and something that I plan to work harder on because it was  fun to do i just need to work better on staying straight on the centre line and moving more from my hips than moving from my waist and Fiona gave me a couple of exercises to do and Elaine said to try swimming Breast Stroke instead of Front Crawl that I usually swim in. The rain started again when we moved back up to trot to do the centre line excercise and Fiona got on Rocky (who is more stubborn than Gatsby to show us how to do it) and even for her he was starting to play up because of the weather! Typical Rain! I then tried this a couple more time and the rain and wind were then really starting to wind the horses up so I walked Gatsby round for a couple of laps and then tuck him in his stable to stay dry! I didn't untack him straight away because there was a lesson booked in after when I ride and we weren't sure whether it would be on or not, unfortunately there lesson was cancelled, so while mum had a cup of tea, I untacked Gatsby and gave him some love and of course tuck a few pictures of him but they are all on my phone so those pictures will be on tomorrow! Now on to the actual riding pictures! 

Splashing through puddles in the rain, just another day riding!

I just love this horse, anything you ask him to do he'll do although sometimes will complain about doing it!

The colour of my jodphurs were supposed to be a really pale cream like you can see on the pic below the rain turned them this colour!

Haha you can see the wet patch of my leg and the dry patch of my leg Gatsby is not happy to be out in this weather! 

Tomorrow I will tell you more about my creative project as I have been working on it all day and just run out of time to post about it now!

Until Next Time
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  1. BeBe said...:

    I think Dedicated rider and complete lunatic go hand in

  1. Val said...:

    That's why they call us horse nuts!

  1. Ruffles said...:

    Good on you :) Sounds like a fabulous lesson.

  1. was so fun, I didn't even notice it was raining by the end of the lesson! Gotta agree bebe and Val1

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