Equestrian is not a hobby it's a way of life.

That means the good times and the bad times for all of us, we don't pick when we don't and do want to be around are horses, its a lifestyle that we choose to live. From the first time I rode a horse as a little kid that was me captivated and it's been a life style choice ever since, it's a choice that I don't have to think about but it is a choice that as a rider I love.

Today's lesson was eventful to say the least, I'm sure a lot of you will remember when I rode Gatsby at broomfield college, and he used to be so easy to canter, he'd love it and he would get so excited but for me it is something that I know I need to work on. I used to love cantering it was fun, fast and fantastic. It was thrilling and gave an adrenaline rush something that NOTHING can compare to it just is what it is. But after my fall off Arthur I haven't been as happy cantering as I used to be and in time I will make sure that I have my confidence back because it's something that I have always loved. Today we did a lot of work in walk and sitting trot making sure that Gatsby was sufficiently warmed up, relaxed and calm! Then we did some canter work and for some reason (we assume it was because of the fall I had off Arthur) and Gatsby just didn't seem as willing to canter as he used to so over the next few weeks that is what I plan on working on because it's not all his fault a lot of it will by my fault and tensing up. 

Unfortunately the end of the lesson took a nasty for Jaimie-Leigh as Rocky decided that it was time for him to play up and that he didn't want to do any more work. The first time he went in to canter without her asking and she lost a stirrup but she did manage to stay on. However the second time he spooked at something and bucked, and galloped off and she ended up coming off. I jumped off Gatsby and grabbed hold of Rocky making sure that nothing could happen to him and untacked Gatsby so Fiona could talk to her about what was hurting. She said that she couldn't feel from the bottom of her back/the top of her hip on her rightside and down her leg, an Ambulance was called and when I left they were still waiting for it. I left with the promise that her mum would let me know how she got on and so far I haven't heard anything but will let you all know when I do.

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  1. Hope your friend has no lingering problems from her tumble. Unfortunately we have not chosen the safest of hobbies, but most of us feel the rewards are worth the risk. I totally understand the lack of confidence, I find its just something that time and more riding corrects.

  2. She hasn't broken anything thank god! we really have, i never get how people can say all you ever do is sit there in riding. I think I'll get there eventually it's just taking time and I trust Gatsby 100% which i think just makes it more frustrating

  3. Love the pictures!!! You guys look super.
    I'm sure you guys will be cantering with confidence again in no time. :)

    Yikes, that fall sounds scary.

  4. Thank you :D
    I hope so I love cantering so I'm just going to keep trying until I am back to what I used to ride like :D


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