Gatsby's Story Part Two

After the jumping came many more dressage sessions, jumping sessions and practice for a competition that I thought I was doing on Gatsby but then according to Broomfield Jenny, Gatsby's owner said that I couldn't ride him for the competition because she didn't want him to be used for the competition to this day I will never know the truth about what happened, unless one day I ask Jenny. 

Next was the cross country training and boy did I have a laugh with that Gatsby loved it because he was able to goes as fast as he wants when he wants and was able to jump which is something that Gatsby loves to do. We did several different jumps and he loved it, that was the last time that I rode Gatsby at broomfield. After this lesson I was taken ill and put in to hospital and by the time I went back to Broomfield Gatsby was gone but I was told he was coming back. So I waited til September but he still wasn't back his stable was just empty, no horse was in it. During this lesson my dad spoke to another girls mum who was watching her ride and she told us where Gatsby was. BUZZING! After that lesson we went to see Gatsby and he was there, he was the first horse that I saw there. But no-one was there to talk to about lessons. 

The next day me and my mum went up when I knew that people would be there, my mum told Fiona mine and Gatsby's story so far and also Jenny his owner, and she thought it was such a lovely thing for me to do and even sent me a message saying 'thanks for loving my boy so much' which I thought was a really sweet thing to do. We found out the prices and mum was able to pull me out of Broomfield and start me riding at West Hallam Riding Centre. Since then we have been working on mainly dressage and have just started on working on the Canter again and to say I am rusty is a slight understatement but sooner or later I will get there. 

That's the story upto now and I am sure that in the future there will be more fun and jokes to come, and you can all come along on the journey by reading my blog. I hope you enjoy it as this is just the start for me and Gatsby 

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream


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