Good news on a cold morning.

So as I am sure you all know today I went to Staffordshire University which is roughly a 50 minute drive from where I live in Derby, this was the first proper interview I had ever been to and it was the first University Interview I had ever done too. So to start with it was pretty nerve wracking because I do not like meeting new people and when I do meet new people I get really nervous and tend to go in to none stop talking mode. When we got to the university I registered that I was there and then me and mum sat waiting until someone came to get us and show us where to go. They took us over to a different building, where mum had to wait in the staff room while I went down for the interview. The interview was roughly 20 minutes and they asked me about why I wanted to do Photo Journalism and I said because I had always liked taking photographs, and I love English Literature as I do it at the minute for my A2 Level. They then asked to see my portfolio, I showed them some written work, my photographs and my art coursework. They asked about what I wanted to do and I said that I wanted to eventually work at the big horse shows and also work with Your Horse Magazine, mainly on the interviewing and taking pictures for Your Horse. I also told them about my blog and they said this was something that was good as during the first year you HAVE to do a blog to do with the course and taking your photographs. They then talked while I waited outside and asked me to come back in. They both said that they thought that my photography skills won't be as high as others as I am only doing Art A-Level not a photography A Level. But that I showed dedication and self motivation by the fact that I worked hard out of school teaching myself to take photographs and that I have worked through my stomach problem all through school so they know it is something that I will keep doing, because of this they offered me a Conditional Offer, meaning that as long as I get the right amount of UCAS points I have got a place at Staffordshire University! eepppp so excited!!! 

After this Rachel who did my interview took both me and my mum on a tour of the facilities that they have got. She talked to us about the course telling us about having to do a blog for the first year, she even showed us some on the internet that when I have finished writing this I am going to take a look at. Also that in the first and second year that we would do work to do with the Laws to do with taking photograph which is something that I can not wait to learn about. She told us that I would do work to do with the History of photography, and that there is a section where I would get to choose what I wanted to do and that it didn't have to be photography, for example on this section of the course I could do wood work, graphics and that sort of thing.She then showed us where most people do work and spend the majority of their time, a dark room, a store where you can get Nikon lenses cameras etc to borrow almost like a Library.

After this we got to talk to a student called Nick, who said I was welcome to add him on facebook in case there was any questions that I didn't think of that I wanted to ask him. He gave advice about only doing things that you enjoy, and that his favourite part of the course was the fact that it was always surprising you, you never know what is going to happen next, or what assignment will be next and that's something that he really enjoyed. He also said to only do it if it is something that you really enjoy because if you do not enjoy it then you will fail. I thought it was good to be able to talk to someone about the course and it gives you a point of view of someone actually doing it. I also thought that it was interesting that all the staff still work in the photography profession so they are all still practicing what they are teaching us. 

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  1. Congrats!! Sounds like a fabulous course!

  2. Congrats, it always feels great having a place at a University.

  3. Thanks hun :) it was a huge relief made me feel less nervous xx


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