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So today its been my interview for De Montford University at Leicester, I was really looking forward to it even though I knew it wasn't were I wanted to go in the end, but I really wanted to look around and almost use it as a practice interview for the two interviews at Derby on Monday. The tour around the university was long and painful, it lasted for about an hour, and we walked everywhere on the campus including seeing the gym, swimming pool, showrooms for the apartments on Campus and the Student Union. It was then time for a talk on the photography course about what you learn about in each year, and then we saw some of the students works some of them where about it odd but I think that doing any art type of course your going to have students that are a bit eccentric and weird, it's something I love about the 'art' type subjects because you can be unique and do something different. Then we got a tour around the photograph set up, it was an old building that used to be a Shoe factory one problem it has a basement and for those of you that don't know I love watching horror films but since I've started watching horror films I hate basements and I hate attics!

Then it was time for the interview and it was the head of the photography department that I had doing my interview, I was a little bit nervous but I wasn't as nervous as the first time because I had some confidence that people liked my photographs and liked what I do. She was really nice and just made it more like a bit chat then an interview, she suggested photographers that I could look at, exhibitions that I would find interesting and things like that, that I could google. She looked at my portfolio and shocked me because she asked me if I had ever thought of getting a job as a photographers assisant because I obviously took good pictures, new how to frame a photo, looked at the composition closely and was starting to work on editing photos and that I was enthusiastic which was lovely to see. The interview lasted longer than the 20minutes it was supposed to but I really enjoyed it and enjoyed talking to her.  She told me about a student that was horse obsessed like me and did a final project on police horses. She also told me to look at different oscar winning short films which I am going to google later.

When we got in I fell asleep but my mum had emailed a guy called Laurie that works at Derby University, which I think is my first choice of where I would want to go, the first question she asked him was about the Nikon 1 J2 camera which he said was getting really really good reviews and is a good little camera. He also said that he wouldn't been interviewing me like we first thought because he was ill but to tell me that he hoped I enjoyed the interview. My mum emailed him back saying she hoped he was okay and out of the Nikon D3200 and the Nikon 1 which camera did he think would be the best with me. He replied saying that the little compact camera would be the choice he would make meaning the Nikon 1, so looks like some time soon I will be getting a pink camera! He also said that the reason he was ill was he had suffered a minor stroke and he didn't know, so my thoughts are with him as that must be something hard to go through. 

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