only a quick post today, just wanted to let you all know that over the next two or three weeks I am goig to have 4 university interviews, just wanted to let you all know that. 

Tomorrow I will do a longer post about something that is more interesting I have been wanting to do a post about different makes in the equestrian industry, and review things that I have bought that have been popular in the equestrian world I think the best one that I can think of to review at the minute is all my different riding jackets, I have quiet a few, infact I have an entire wardrobe of jackets. 

Until next time 
A Girl With A Dream. 

p.s. I will be putting some of my blog posts in my 'written work' section for my interview on wednesday as it is a course on photo journalism, Gatsby is about to become even more famous than he already is, soon everyone will know about him :P


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