Really starting to hate my elbows!

Thursday, 27 December 2012
I really really hate my elbows, why can't they just co-operate instead of sticking out and being damn annoying!!!?? Keeping my elbows tucked in can be the difference between getting the outline with Gatsby or Gatsby shoving his head in the air saying 'forget that I am NOT listening to you, til YOU sort your elbows out!!' so that is what I am going to do. 

A few weeks ago my mum said that if I couldn't get my elbows tucked in place while riding she was going to tie them in place so that I got used to holding them in position whilst doing normal jobs. So that is what I asked my mum to do today. There is pictures so that you can see how I have done it. I also spoke to my riding teacher about doing it and she said as long as I did it so they were tied infront of my ribs and not behind my back I was welcome to do it. So every day I am going to do this, don't care how stupid it looks because I think it might work. I've only had it on for about five minutes so far, and to start with I could feel my arms and elbows struggling trying to move but now I can feel my arm muscles starting to work and staying tucked in place. It's also not as uncomfortable as I thought it would be because I can tuck them in and as long as I don't try and push them out and make sure that they are kept tucked in I don't feel the fabric that's keeping my elbow in place. 

I am also going to ask Fiona if i can try doing this while I am riding. I can't wait Mums have all the best ideas! 

Another picture to show off the colour of my hair.

Cheetah print tie thing to keep my arms tucked in place!

and again but a close up see what I mean about how it really really tucks your elbows in place? 

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A Girl With A Dream.


  1. Carol said...:

    Hi Girl With A Dream. How nice to find your blog.
    Your post made me smile - I've had so many issues that I would like to address like this. I wish I could tie my legs to hold still :)
    Good for you for setting goals. Hope all goes well in 2013 and that you own your own horse when you turn 18.

  1. Glad that you like my blog :D

    it made me laugh when my mum came up with the idea,I said she was mad and it wouldn't work but it didn't for the rest of the night my elbows have been nicely tucked in! YAY!!!
    Thank you I hope 2013 is a good year for you too! I know buying a horse will be hard but it will be my dream come true xxx

  1. Ruffles said...:

    You sure are dedicated about getting those elbows right, good for you :)
    My issue with my elbows at the moment is I keep moving them too far forward instead of keeping them back by my sides. It's very frustrating, - I know what it's like!

  1. thanks ruffles, they drive me mad so i have finally taken some action against them! haha
    ohhh I used to have that problem i'm sure over time you'll be back with them in the right place! Good luck!

    Glad someone else can see how frustrating it is!

  1. BeBe said...:

    Good luck with those elbows hun.

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