Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true

Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true
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Riding Antics, getting back on and missing cameras!

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hey everybody,

Tonight isn't going to be the longest post as it hasn't been one of the best days and at the minute I am pretty tired even though I have been asleep from about 6/7ish really not quite sure what time I fell asleep. I didn't update last night as my best friend Evie invited me over to hers and we watched Ghost rider and then part of the Green Hornet but we didn't quite manage to finish that. 

Then today it was time for my riding lesson, there won't be any pictures of that though because the camera that I ordered for next day delivery didn't arrive today when I spent quite a bit extra and no-one knows where the camera has gone because somewhere along the lines the camera has managed to go missing or as my dad said someone might have stolen it. None of us are quite sure what is going on yet with that one but as soon as I know I will let you guys know. 

So today I got to Ride Gatsby again and we had quite a fun time grooming him even if he looked like he had a bath in muddy, I swear that he does it on purpose. We had a laugh because I put his head collar on him and then instead of tying him up I held it in my hand and inbetween eating whenever I went behind him to do his back legs he would turn and look at me and then get back to his food. Jaimie-leigh came back to riding today, she hadn't rode since she fell off so we got her back on and tried to keep her calm and I tried to give her plenty of space on Gatsby. She only walked around but you could see she was glad to be back on! 

I worked a lot on maintaining the outline which to start with was not too hard but because of how cold it was I could feel my fingers start to set in place. Which then towards the end of the lesson it got harder for me to get him in his outline was really hard. We then worked on leg-yielding and doing a bit of shoulder in but not too much of the shoulder in. We also looked at doing leg-yield from the track to the centre of the school and so on to make things about different we spent half an hour working in walk and then moved on to the trot, which on the right left rein was a lot easier than on the right rein and I think that its because physically my muscles are stronger than on my right! Jaimie-leight got after 40 minutes when she was really starting to ache but we think she did well for as lasting as long as she did. So I continued on Gatsby I could feel the improve that I had got now compared to what I was like when I first started riding there and Fiona and my mum both said i could see that. Mainly because I was staying in a better position myself making it easier on Gatsby the only thing that I really need to work on is keeping my shoulders back and my elbows in, and when he does drop in to an outline not starting to lean forwards.

I also got the biggest compliment so far in my riding! Fiona said that she could 'see how much I was improving on Gatsby and that I was coming on in leaps and bounds. That my seat and position were a lot stronger and you could tell I was improving and by doing so Gatsby was to!' It was so lovely to hear that,

I then untacked him and put his stable rug on and his new zealand rug and took his boots off. We had a laugh at this because the first rug I could get on really easily but then the second rug took a little bit more time. Because it had fallen off the rail it wasn't folded easily so that you could tell which end was which so me and mum straightened it out and then to put it on I had to throw it over my head and then place it on his back, only problem in this I got stuck under it and looked like one of those kids that throw a white sheet over their head to look like a ghost, but instead of a white sheet it was Gatsby's rug! 

Until Next Time 
A Very Sleepy Girl With A Dream!


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