So much to do, In such little time.

Today and yesterday I have had so much to do and such little time to do it in. After riding Gatsby on saturday I logged on to check my UCAS (university application thing) and earlier that day it had been changed and I had got a reply from Staffordshire University, they said that they wanted me to go to an interview on the 5th (four days away), I asked my mum if she could take me and she said yes because nothing else was planned. Then yesterday I got an email off the Staffordshire University with all the things that I was going to need for the interview, its not bad enough that I have to stand up and talk to people that I don't know but I also needed to find a sketch book, photograph the majority of last years coursework and put it into a portfolio, I also needed to do written work as it wasn't just a photography course but it was a photojournalism course. 

Well today mum woke me up at 9:40 and we started work, I didn't finish working til 6:00 roughly. I have managed to get my art work out of school photograph my favourite pieces of coursework and then print them out on plain white paper with a description of what each piece is, I then included some Candid shots (for those of you who don't know photographs that people do not know are being taken) and some Rider shots that I have taken over the years. 

Then it was on to the written work this was going to be the hardest thing for me, but it was something that I needed to have, on Monday I bought a new folder. The first thing to put in it was coursework from A2 Level English (the second year of my A-levels). Then I wrote two extra pieces, the first one was on Tim Flach some of you might know him as a horse photographer then I did a second one on Ansel Adams. The third thing I did for my written work was I took screen shots from my blog that you lovely people read every day and when I had done that I put a bit of writing about them and put them in my folder.

I would also like to say a huge thank you to Jan from 'A thousand pounds of fragile horse' for the prize that I got, me and Gatsby love it! And for anyone that hasn't checked out her blog click on the link and head over and check it out :) 

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