Sundays are meant for relaxing

So that's what I have spent the day doing, I have read two of my new horse magazines so that later in the week I can do posts about things that I have read in each of the magazine, I have also spent time playing a game on facebook that I really enjoy doing, it's one of those mindless things that you can just tend to do without thinking about doing it. 

I text J-L's mum to see how she was doing today and they let her home just after lunch time, she's aching and pretty badly bruised but has her told her mum that she wants to ride on Saturday, so hopefully I will get to see her then though I would Imagine that she is quite nervous about it, but I'm going to chat to her on facebook later I think, to be honest I am just glad that she hasn't broken anything when she fell because I know how painful and how much of a confidence knock that it can be. 

I also have a few more pictures of me and Gatsby yesterday that I thought I would share with you. 
Me and Jaimie-Leigh I thought that it was a nice shot, Gatsby has his eyes forward and is looking Happy to work.

Practicing doing a square halt something that I don't think I am that good at but the picture shows that he can do it even though he doesn't like to do it.

Not sure whether I was asking for a canter here or if we were working on doing a three loop serpentine.

Love this photo not sure if it is one that i posted yesterday but I love the group shot, if only Rocky and Gatsby's ears were forward and looked like happy fella's
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  1. he is! He's 16.3hh I think and only just back to his proper weight as he was under fed at Broomfield x

  2. Good to hear Jaimie-Lynn is doing well! I love your helmet - very smart-looking!

  3. I'm so glad she's doing well and still wants to ride :)

    Thank you its a harry hall one :)

  4. Gatsby is super gorgeous :) You look really good on him - you make a great team.


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