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Todays post is going to seem completely random and out of the blue but it was something that I felt I just HAD to blog about. Early today I was looking at my friends riding pictures on facebook and was in complete and utter shock to see that she had several photos of her riding her horse including jumping her horse without a helmet on. Now you might wonder why I felt so strongly about this, but this is a horse that has been known to take off with her, throw her off, rear up and bolt, and she's put she's doing it because the horse is 'safe as houses' but how can a horse that rears and bolts be 'safe as houses'? It's just not possible and so stupid that she thinks that she can say that. I would never think of getting on Gatsby without my riding Helmet on because who knows what can happen? Horses are unpredictable animals that have a brain of their own and can do what they want. But what do you guys think? 

I can't wait til Friday, for those of you that have been following my blog since May time you will know that I love bright colours and I also love my hair, so in May before I went on holiday to Centre Parcs and had my hair dyed for it, it was a purple/pink colour. Well on Friday I am having my hair done but this time it is going to be more purple than pink, and then through my fringe I am having a Copper Colour to make it more interesting as instead of highlights I am having my hair fully dyed so it will all be purple. Then on saturday I get to ride Gatsby and my mum is going to be using my new camera to hopefully get some good videos of Gatsby.

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  1. I love my horse and I trust him, but I don't ride him without a helmet unless its for staged pictures after I've already ridden him. lol

    Look forward to pictures of your new hair color!

  2. I'm like that if I new Gatsby was worn out and it was for staged pictures I would but not ride him, i am so glad someone agrees with me!

    you guys will be the first to see! :D

  3. I rode somewhere when I was a kid/ teen where at 16 you didn't have to wear a helmet anymore. It was not "cool" and so I didn't wear a helmet, unless on an endurance ride. I was young and dumb, and had some really freaking scary moments because of it. I have seen too many people hurt from supposedly trustworthy horses. They are still living creatures with their own minds and reactions. A friend just had her horse buck her off on trail, a very schooled horse, and a very good rider, it happens. I love my helmet in winter, my heads the warmest part of my body :)


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