Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true

Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true
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Two days and 121 Photographs

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Well today has been time for me to play with my camera as after my Interviews yesterday I felt really ill this morning and tired so had the day off school and tomorrow I am going back in to school as long as I am feeling better, which hopefully I will. It has been two days since I got my new Nikon 1 J2 in pink of course and boy have I fallen in love with that camera, it's so fun to use and has some amazing features but the best bit is it is sooo easy to use and get used to using.

So today the Christmas decorations got put up it's a week til christmas and they are only just going up because my brother wanted to help put them up but my brother isn't in that often so finding time when he could put them up is pretty hard. Then tonight my sister was coming around so we had to tidy all the things up so that Brody who's just over one couldn't grab hold of them and put them where they are supposed to, he's starting to learn what no means though so we don't have to put away as much as we used to have to when he came over. 

We all had a laugh and a joke and it gave me the perfect opportunity to play with me camera which I loved being able to do, I played around using black and white, colour, flash on and flash off and also got to find out more about my mum and mine's new textiles project. My sister has met a new 'friend' that is pakistani and when she goes over to there house where's the types of clothes that they tend to wear. My sister likes doing this and has given me and my sister two alterations that she wants doing on one of the outfits that she has got and has also given us some fabric to turn in to this particular style of clothing, we took all her measurements so that I could start off by drawing a basic block that is for her size, that I can then alter into being a pattern piece for the top trousers etc. The fabrics that she has chosen are gorgeous I love them, they're sparkly and my sister has surprised me by choosing more red and black colours, which I hadn't really expected her to do. I don't know what I expected but I definitely had NOT expected it to be red, black yes but not red. So I will keep you upto date on how that project goes. Now on to some pictures taken with my new Nikon camera.

The gorgeous little nephew, showing how much of a big boy he is drinking his juice on his own

Auntie Amber why are you pointing that camera at me but not letting me play with it? Thats not fair!

Brody and mummy, he wanted her to eat his jaffa cake but I don't think she wanted it that muchx

I just love the look on my nephews facee like he is seriously wondering what my sister is doing? I don't blame him she can be a bit of a nutter at times!

Me picking him up out of his chair he was excited to get out and we soon found out why, but that's a story for another time!

Brody being held by my sister while my mum holds the bike and he sits on it and pretends that hes biking he's already got where his hands go perfectly!

Candid Photo of my sister and her little man!

Kisses with Gran-Gran hehe he's such a loving little baby, that's when hes not trying to pull your hair out, but we are getting better at not doing that!

Three generations here, mine and my sisters mummy, my sister who's Brody's mummy, and my nephew Brody he's such a good little boy and loves having all the attention on him, being the centre of attention is his favourite place to be and we all love him!
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