Something beautifuil

First of all something beautiful is the topic.

Something that I find beautiful is animals in general not just horses but all animals. and I did a GCSE topic based on this as well as an AS topic based on this to do with wild animals. so here are some pictures of Animals that I have taken of the years.

My dog on Christmas Eve.

Hidden Otter can you find it 

And I have a huge thing about Leopards


  1. Basically a blog hop has a topic, you post on that topic as well then you visit the other blogs on the blog hop to meet new bloggers and stuff like that.

    For example, the see beautiful blog hop is hosted by Sugar the Golden Retrievers blog. You can read on her blog what it's about. You post about the topic (something beautiful is the idea) then add the blog hop linky.

    Hope that helps :)

  2. Awww thank you, i think i get it now, i have changed my post so it should be better :) thank you for the help.

  3. very intersting, i will share this article to my friend.


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