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well today I finally started my own business it is called 'Rosamber Photography' and is aimed mainly towards Equine and Pet photography in my local area. A couple of days ago I made a logo for my company and was contemplating buying a domain name but the price put me off (until mum said you wouldn't say no if I was paying for it to which I said yes please' who knows what else is to come). I then created a Price list and made a website through a blog. This contains prices, what I do and who I am and why I want to do photography. 

So above is my logo it is a mix of two of my names Amber and Rose, originally I had wanted to do 'AmberRose' but surprise it was taken so my um came up with this name and once I had got that I came up with the logo so what do you guys think? If this works my weekends are about to become really busy but it won't mean my hour and a half with Gatsby gets cancelled that is NOT going to happen. Not much else has really happened today.

So far now
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  1. I really like it! Very exciting. :)

  2. The logo is awesome. Good luck!

  3. My sister just started an equine photography business last year and it's working out really well for her even though there are a lot of horse photographers in her area. She was busy through the summer photographing local shows and really enjoyed it. Great way to combine two interests and make some money while you're at it!

  4. Thats really cool I am glad it's working well for her. I've always wanted to do photography, and work with horses so it was the best idea ever when I figured it out! Let's hope it works out for me :)


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