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Well seen as there is nothing going on for me in the horse world today I thought that I would do the blog hop now, and probably a smaller post later just about my day in general, random thoughts you know the normal kind of thing that I tend to do.

So while I was reading some blogs I noticed that Equestrian At Hart and Viva Carlos had done a blog hop that had been started by Collegial Equestrian and thought why not I might as well join in too soo here goes.
So here goes the theme is Share a memory from: 
  1. The first horse experience that you can remember. 
  2. Your first 'aha' moment - when something really clicked for you as a rider.
  3. Entering the Ring. Could be your first show, or another time when simply entering the arena could be considered a 'debut' of sorts.  

Here are my answers:-
  1. The first horse experience that I can remember, was seeing horses and always wanting to stroke them and getting my mum to pull over at the side of the road next to a field where a horse was and just sitting stroking the horse, I was horse mad from the start, and when we used to get to bring our own toys in to Primary School, I always bought in my toy horses. 
  2. My first 'aha' moment was probably riding Jake, a horse I've rode for 10 years now and a horse that really taught me how important my seat was. Jake used to have a habit of taking off on people he'd get bored and you could see him start to play up, he did it one day and I just really got right I need to keep my heels forwards, not move forward and lose my position and stay sitting tight in my seat whilst asking him to stop what he was doing. 
  3. Entering the ring 'debut' moment, for me this was riding Tobias a horse that I used to ride at Broomfield College, he was a gorgeous 16.2hh Piebald horse, I can't quite remember what breed and it was the first ever show I had done, and I remember warming him up and feeling really nervous, then we went in to the ring and everything just seemed to click, I was nervous but not as nervous as I thought I would be and I was even surprised that all though Steph was reading out what to do, I could remember it on my own. 
First Ever Dressage competition on Tobias mentioned in my answer to Question Three.

How to join the blog hop:
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Until next time
A Girl With A Dream


  1. Thanks so much for joining the hop!

    That is quite the ensemble for a dressage show! And Tobias is a cutie. Did the pink shock the judges or was it more of a casual thing?

  2. I had a herd of toy horses long before I actually ever sat on one. I can relate!

  3. It was more a casual thing than a strict you have to wear this now and that's it, if that makes sense? It was really chilled and relaxed :)


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