Dancing Queen

After the day I have had today the song 'Dancing Queen' by Abba seems to fit quite nicely with my day. This afternoon mums car came back, they had removed the 'third pedal/second accelerator' and they had also taken all the loose cabling stopping it from messing around with the radio which should mean that the Radio and central panel won't have any more problems with them. The car was supposed to be back for 10am so that we could do all the jobs in it at once fill it up with petrol and do the shopping, but mum got told that we wouldn't have her car back til 1pm and then it became 1:30 they might make they're mind up one day, and actually stick with it. So this meant that this morning we went to do the shopping and then later in the afternoon we went to fill the car up with petrol making what should have been one trip became two trips. 

We then decided to wash both my mum and dads car so that the grit and salt that has been on the road does not effect the paint work on the cars, what should have taken us less than an hour took us nearly two hours because everyone it appeared decided to wash their cars too.

Tomorrow is Saturday so that should mean some Gatsby time at West Hallam Riding Centre but it all depends on how the weather goes over the night, as at the minute it is snowing heavily again meaning that the outdoor school will be covered in snow and could also be turning in to ice. But Fiona has said that she will do possibly lunging but other unmounted things, so hopefully (fingers crossed) I will have some pictures and get to do some things that are horse related.

Back to the dancing though tonight I went to a youth group type of thing, loads of my good mates where there tonight, including Evie, who I spend a lot of time with and from 7-9 we spent the entire time laughing and giggling and just playing on Just Dance four, we all had such a laugh and burnt a few calories which was great. Evie then offered to drive me home so that my mum wouldn't have to and she's not been passed for that long on her driving test and this is the first time that it has snowed since she had passed. Originally she said she was going to go along the main roads because we just didn't know how snowy the back roads were going to be snowy. She said we would start off on them but if it got too snowy she was going to turn back and go along the main roads, but it didn't and we kept going and she didn't skid once and dealt with the snow really well. She's loving driving and seems to be having fun :) 

But thats all for now, hopefully I will have pictures and video's for you tomorrow.
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