Day before the exam

Today is the day before my textiles retake exam that I told you guys about earlier in the year. In the lesson today we decided that it would be beneficial to do a past paper as this would get us used to the layout and the set up of the questions. We decided that we also wanted to get a feel for how the paper was marked so we did one question and then had to mark it. I think that I marked it fairly and i even had to get my mum to recount my marks because I was surprised when I got 50 marks this was a B, we can safely say that it is an improvement from the last textiles mark that was a U.

After this we were supposed to have English, well that didn't happen only three of the people turned up for the lesson so we got sent away to do some revision as I had spent all of lunch revising I decided that it was time to just relax and chill out! So went to the sixth form centre, and sat with some mates and while they played chase, I got my diary out and wrote the majority of the important dates down that I could remember without looking at my computer.

Then it was time for Art, I was actually looking forward to it for once, well that changed the minute we walked in we could tell that he was in a bad mood and this but everybody on edge something that we are all used to, but something that I don't think we should have to put up with I don't think that it is fair at all, but hey life isn't always fair is it? During the lesson I took some more time to add shadows to my final piece to make it look a bit more effective. The lesson was then over and I had to carry two things from last year one that was heavy and a lot bigger than anyone and height ways it is almost as tall as me but I also had to carry my final piece out, it's a good job that mum was ready to undo the boot for me before I dropped everything! 
My final piece this was taken yesterday before I had time to add the shadows it is done using pencil, pencil crayon and pan pastels.

My next post in my 'How the horse works series' is going to be on Colic 

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  1. That is gorgeous! Love the colours!

  2. Thank you it took me forever to do it but i am so proud of it.


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