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Sorry guys, the past two days have been quite busy. Friday I ordered my first thing for uni and that was a new Kipling Bag, I love those bags and think that they just last for a really long time as well as being practical, and looking good which is always important and another good thing about this bag is the fact that it was on offer! EEPPPPP! 

This is the bag and of course it is in pink, because by now I am sure that you will all have guessed that my favourite colour is pink.
I then went to my local youth group on friday night and had originally planned on updating my blog when I got in however my best friend Evie asked if I could stop at hers for the night as she wanted me to help pick a song for her Baptism, needless to say we never got round to it, maybe next time we will actually remember instead we put some films on and curled up with her dogs. We then couldn't stop laughing because we decided that we wanted to watch Catwoman and every single time that a cat meowed on the T.V. the dogs would look at the screen and bark, typical! Then the dogs decided that they wanted to squish me in to a corner, they'd be doing this to Evie for the past two nights, so it gave her a night off from it!

Then it was Saturday so we woke up and while I was waiting for my mum to pick me up to go riding we decided that we were going to act like little kids and watch the Rugrats, this is just a normal saturday morning for us. I finally asked Fiona if we could go back to Canter work and as you can imagine it was an eventful lesson. This would be the second time since June that I was cantering Gatsby and only the fourth time since I had come off Arthur, you would think by now that wasn't bothering me but the lesson proved me completely and utterly WRONG! We started off doing 12 minutes of walk which was going really well, he was forward and you could tell that he was really excited. He was moving well, bending and stretching really well all though Fiona asked me to stretch him more so that he was ready for when I decided to move up and later move on to the Canter work. Gatsby then told Me when HE was ready and warmed up enough to move in to the trot work, when I asked him to be more forward he was really wanting to go in to the trot, we did some rising trot and spent a good 20 minutes working on this. We then moved in to doing some sitting trot work as this is where I have started to tense up and move my body forwards, eventually I got my hips looser and could feel them really moving with the horse and that I wasn't fighting him but that I was gradually becoming one with him and moving with him not against him. Then it was time for the canter work it started well as I managed to pick it up with him straight away, all I had to do was tap and he went on up in to canter, but he didn't stay in canter he decided when he wanted to stop and later on we discovered why, I got better at this and was doing really well on the left rein, then we had to move on to the right rein and this is the side that I landed on when I came off Arthur at broomfield. My shoulder was constantly pushing forwards and we came to the conclusion that the problem was I hadn't properly got over falling off Arthur. So for now we are sticking to working his canter on the left rein and when I am more confident with that we are going to move on to the left rein, we finished on a good note with Gatsby popping straight in to canter, we came to the conclusion that he was only doing a few steps because he KNEW that I wasn't ready for it so it was his way of looking after me and saying 'No Amber we aren't doing this cause you are not happy doing this'. We ended the lesson on a good note with me picking up a canter off the left lead, for 3/4 strides. There are some video's and photographs but I will put them in a post of their own. 

Until Next Time 
A Girl With a Dream.


  1. Sounds like you've been having fun. Also it sounds like you had a great lesson. Just take things one step at a time while your still getting over your fall.

  2. I have had so much fun, I will do, my riding teacher was great about it


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