First Bit of Snow here in the UK.

Well Last night, I walked out the door with my mum to go and fetch my brother and said 'at least it hasn't started snowing yet' then I looked outside and went 'Damn I spoke to early at this time it was only very small almost pea size snow flakes that were coming down but they were starting to settle, my first thought was oh no here comes the Hazard zone, it might sound mad but me and snow DO NOT go together at all. Two years ago on the first day of it being snowy, I managed to fall over and break my hand and damn was it painful, I was soooo annoyed, and ever since then I just haven't liked snow, it causes too much of a hazard to me. However I do think that snow looks pretty, the snow kept coming all night and settled, cancelling my plans to go out with friends today as the roads were to icy and not what we are used to. 

Then when we were watching Morning TV it got me really thinking, any other country when it snows they keep going, and don't come to a complete standstill but not here in the UK. Here when it snows trains and flights get cancelled, people don't go out because the 'roads are too Icy', no-one wants or feels like they need to do anything. It made me think that maybe the UK should take a page out of other countries books and keep going, otherwise every year we are going to have the same problem. But moving on from my complaining about the snow. I have got some pictures but won't be posting them until tomorrow.

On to news what's been happening today? Well my family didn't stop just because it was snowing, today was the day that the papers came so that my mum could go and get her new car so after my brother did another one of his mock exams, we all headed up to a place near Sheffield to get the car, everything went smoothly and on the way up there I even managed to get some sleep in the car, for some reason I felt really tired, I have no idea why considering I haven't done anything all day. 

Also hear is the second video that I meant to post last night of me and Gatsby, this shows some canter work, and also a really nice walk to canter transition that wasn't asked for and Gatsby decided that he wanted to do. I was rather proud of how well he dealt with my completely shocking riding, he handled it really well and was so sensible. I LOVE Gatsby. 

If you guys want I can also give you a web address that will send you to my youtube channel and there you can see all of my riding Video's as I try to make sure that I put them up on youtube and facebook straight away, if I don't do this they are added to my youtube account at some point during the week. 

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  1. Nice seat in a sitting trot, I find a lot of English riders are asked to only work on a posting trot, not a sitting trot and aren't very good at sitting it. I learned to sit a trot first, and then post later which I think made it easier to get the hang of them both

  2. Loved the video - you guys look great! Looks very chilly there...brrrrr....

  3. Marissa - Thanks, it's taken years of work without stirrups and having to have a good seat with a 14.2 cob I ride, who likes to randomly take off on people or when hes supposed to be walking likes to go in to a trot/walk.

    Me - Glad you liked the video, thanks for the compliments, it was soooo cold but not as cold as it is now there's snow on the ground!

  4. You sit the trot really well.
    We hardly ever get snow where i live.

  5. Its true, I lived in Scotland for a year and even the tiniest bit of snow shut everything down! Here we get 2 feet and still go to work lol

  6. Its ridiculous you look at all the other countries like where you live and keep going and get through it. It really aggrivates me!


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