Frozen toe's, two horses, wet socks and soo much fun :)

Today I got to work with two different horses, but in total we used four horses. The snow came thick and heavy last night, and at one point riding wasn't an option. The roads were full of snow, you couldn't drive on them and it was just getting worse. This morning mum text my teacher, Fiona, to ask if the lesson was still on and it was, as long as we could get there and mums new car did get us there without complaining about the snow although the roads were no where near being clear.

When we got there I had 40 minutes to play with Gatsby and groom him and it felt weird to groom him with hardly any mud on but it was fun, and he was being playful including letting me stroke his ears which is something he used to love but something he now HATES! He didn't like it but he let me do it and because he did that he got rewarded with lots of Carrots! He was a happy boy after that :'). Then I tacked him up only putting on his boots and borrowing Elaine's horse, Soloman's Lunging Bridle. It was really difficult and to start with I couldn't really figure it out, as I had never lunged before but by the end of it I felt really confident and happy to be doing it, Gatsby was going really well, stretching and putting his head down and really working well eventually I got the hang of how to do transitions with him and I cannot wait to do more Lunge work she even said that I could do it again if there was a day when I felt down and not well with my stomach that I could lunge him instead and do Parelli, which is the next thing that we got to do. 

We then picked out Gatsby's feet making sure that there was no ice left in his hoof so that he wouldn't slip and hurt himself, we then put his stable rug on and his heavier weight rug on to keep him warm while I did some work with Soloman. To start with Fiona showed us about what parelli is and how to do it she went through the seven games with us, she did demonstrations using a horse that she did the breeding of, called Thomas, you could just see the trust and the love between the two of them and it was soo cute to see. She explained about each of the games and then we got a go to try most of the games, it was so fun and I can definately see the advantages of using Parelli, it is something that i had watched on TV but I had never had a go at doing it. I worked with Soloman and also got to chat to Elaine about how long shes had him over all it was a really really good day and something that I would definately really like to do again. Now on to some pictures for you and a Video of me lunging.

Below is also another Edit that I have done as Rosamber Photography, I wanted to show people that you can do alsorts of things and there isn't anything that will be done more than once it would all be unique to you. 

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream. 


  1. It does sound like fun but to be honest i would never do parelli with horses.

  2. It was a lot of fun, why wouldn't you do parelli? It was something I never thought about doing, but enjoyed the experience


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