No horse time but a pic of Gatsby

Well so far there has been no Gatsby time :( this is one of the main reasons why I hate snow because there might not even be any Gatsby time this weekend, as where I ride now we haven't got an indoor school yet :( but hopefully that is going to come some time this year, making the winter days a little easier to ride in. So today i put a BBM status that I was going to be gutted if it snowed much more cause i wouldn't be able to ride then I went on facebook and found i was tagged in a picture and thought ohh  this is weird only to find someone had put a picture of Gatsby on for my to ride. 
Gatsby says hello hope your enjoying the snow I know for a fact my feet don't like this horrible white stuff.
Tomorrows post will be longer but tonight I am really tired and just want to curl up and sleep, which is odd because I got a lot of sleep last night/this morning. Tomorrow I have a hospital appointment, and as long as we can get there and its not cancelled because it is snowing there is a chance that might be the last appointment with this Doctor. However we ill have to wait and see if it snows because according to the weather there will be a foot of snow over night, that is far too much for me and if it does I''m hibernating because for those of you that know me you will know that I am really clumsy, hence a broken wrist two years ago during this kind of weather. 

I've also been putting posters out in places today, they're A6 Size and are to promote Rosamber Photography for people that are in the local area, I have also got all my order forms for the minute sorted in A5 and also A5 Price lists that can be given to customers in the future, now the next thing that I need to do is my own business card that I can hand out to people when they ask me about Rosamber photography. Also my mum is going to buy me a domain name meaning that I can have a Personal Business E-mail address but also a proper website that goes along side my blogsite! 

That's all for now. 
Until Next Time 
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