Photographs and Video's

Here are the photographs from our lesson :D

Trotting Gatsby with Longer reins to warm up

I just like this photo

Impatient Gatsby is showing his face, think he wants people to hurry up.

Shoulder in Gatsby says 'no to lateral and go to forward.'

Sitting Trot work.

More Lateral work but in sitting I think that says it all.

Just Chilling with Gatsby, One Happy looking Pony. 

Okay so here is a sneak peak at one of my video's this one is just trot work and I will be putting another video up tomorrow that includes the trot to canter transitions and a very nice walk to canter transition that Gatsby decided that he liked and wanted to do. So proud of how far this horses come and so happy to have been a part of it! The changes in this horse are amazing, and he just seems so happy these days, but on to the video: 

Until Next Time
A Girl With A Dream.


  1. Thank you :D he's 13 and still acts like hes 3 :)

  2. You and gatsby make a great team. He has such a gorgeous face. Oh and i love your chaps.

  3. thanks ruffles, im biased but i think hes stunning, thanks they were off the internet

  4. great pics thanks for sharing. :)


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