Friday, 18 January 2013
Today I spent two hours meeting up with the locals to try and bring Star home, He is a 32 inch (height) Miniature shetland pony that has severe skin problems and is used to living in doors because of it's size so is Not used to the cold without at least 3 rugs on. Unfortunately the pony has no rugs on, but has got on blinkers and miniature driving harness and is pulling a blue sledge unless this has come off anywhere. We searched through fields, Privet property, cricket courses and golf course and found nothing, there was no marking, no poo or anything to let us know that he is still in the area. A reward has now been offered to anyone that manages to get Star back to his home and family, and his medication as it can be fatal if he does not take this as he has severe skin issues, he is distinctive as half of his mane is missing. We are all extremely worried as the night that he went missing he was hit by a van, that didn't even stop to tell the owner. We all hope that this little pony is brought home safe and sound. There have been what could have been a couple of sightings of him in the local area but nothing for definite. Please keep this little pony in your thoughts and prayers because tomorrow enters day four of this horrible tragedy, there will newspaper work to do with him as well as appearing on the news tomorrow. The more people we can get aware of this pony the more likely that he is to come back until then we are going to look for him until we know what has truly happened to him! 

The next thing people will do is continue the search, as well as hand out leaflets and posters, if the horses has been taken it will put pressure on the thief to bring him back but also if he's been seen if only for a minute there is a chance that someone will come forward. 

I'll keep you all upto date! 

Until Next Time 
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  1. I hope you guys find him :(

  1. Tori said...:

    oh no...I hope he finds his way home soon. xx

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