Professors and Snapshots.

Well while I am trying to think of a post title, I thought I would start writing my post and thinking about something that was catchy that I could put as a post title. So what have I done today? Well after the car accident during the summer, my mum had to see Professor Angus Wallace who has dealt with the complicated history that is my mums shoulder. None of her muscles work the way that a 'normal' persons do. We saw him and he gave us the good news that nothing in her shoulder needs re-operating on. We then did some jobs and came home and I was going to put some posters up but never really got round to it. I felt too tired as for some reason all day I have just wanted to fall asleep. We then went 'swimming' but never did any swimming and instead just decided to chill out in the steam room and the jacuzzi which is my personal favourite, I could spend hours in there but it wasn't as hot as normal today.

But I haven't really done anything that is exciting that I thought you guys would really want to know about so todays post is going to be relatively short for once as I just can't think what else to blog about. So I will leave you with some collage's that I have been doing :) 

here you go 

This was a phone picture that I edited for someone so that is why there is a slight pixelated effect. But it was the photograph that she wanted to be edited so it was the one that I used :)

Until Next Time 
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  1. Ooh! I really like the pixelated one! It looks really cool, but they're all great! What do you use to edit these?

  2. Those colleges look awesome!! You are so talented.

  3. Thanks guys your compliments mean a lot :) I used photoshop and sketch book pro :) but more photoshop.


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