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Well guy's there is nothing horse related going on, but I can say that I am really missing my horse time and I can't wait to see my favourite horse again as well as all the other horses! But I have been spending some time doing some photo edits, so I thought that I would share some of the edits that I have done with you. 

What else have got to say? Not a lot really, mum got a text off Fiona yesterday and she said if the weather is still like it is then on Saturday we would have some grooming time, unmounted workshops and possibly some lunging which I am major excited about as I have always wanted to and just never had the chance. Also I have been invited to a party that the owner of Star the shetland pony is throwing to say thank you to everyone for spending hours out searching looking for Star, and of course he will be there too, so I will finally get to meet the little Shetland that has captured everyones hear. 

Tomorrow I will tell you all about the major electrical car issues that we are having, if only life could be simple for once!

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  1. you can come take pictures of me riding! lol jk

    hopefully you can get some horse time soon!

  2. Hahah ;) I do love my photography :) this is the thing is im advertising it on a blog, but most of the people aren't in the uk :P

    I'm hoping to this Saturday I miss my boy

  3. Oohh! I like them - I think you need to come to the States for some photography testing. I'm sure we could line stops up from the east coast all the way to the west coast. ;)

  4. Thanks guys! Wish I could come to the states I am sure we would all have plenty of laughs along with photographs.

  5. Your photo edits are awesome. Wish you lived near me lol


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