Sleep... that's what I want and lots of it!

I don't think it is going to be a late night for me tonight as I am just completely and utterly shattered and I haven't done anything to make me feel this tired, I think that the problem is my Art Teacher, mentally I am completely on edge wondering what he is going to do next, especially with tomorrow being the Art Deadline and I think that that is what is making me feel so completely and utterly tired, but hey-ho life goes on.

Today I have been doing some more horse work, as you all know i do art and I learn best by using bright colours, and drawings, so today I decided to do a drawing of the Gastrointestinal tract, I still can't spell it so I am hoping that's right. On one of the slide shows on the Lecture there was a diagram of a cartoon horse and then inside the horse you could see all the parts of the tract so I went on Google and managed to find the same picture and then I copied the picture coming up with this:-
You can see my face peeping round the notebook, I was trying to take a picture of this on my webcam so that it would be easier to upload so that I could put it on here. This diagram names the main parts of the tract, as well as how long they are, and some basic facts about them, I love drawing but normally don't like what I do but I do love how the horses head looks.
I have also signed up to another course this one is on Photography, so that I can get a bit better understanding of the work that I am doing and in doing so I am also able to improve the quality of work and make the customers work even better at least this is the plan for me! I find the great thing about these courses is that they are all online and you don't have to do it at a specific time. It could be the middle of the night, any time of the day and it's great. I am learning so much as well as doing my school work and I think that all of this is going to help me in the future both in My university course, but also will help me with Rosamber Photography and owning my very own horse. It seems at this moment in time that everything is falling in to place, all the things that I need to happen are happening and for me that's great, it's easing the stress a little bit.

I've also started some new English Literature course work, I love reading, it really is something that I enjoy doing. Yesterday we started a new book it was called 'Paradise Lost' don't know if anyone's heard of it? It's book nine in a series of books and the actual genre is that it is poetry, based on heaven and hell and good and bad, as well as god and satin, and I'm finding it really interesting, it sounded weird and boring to start with. Next we will be studying the White Devil, don't know if anyone has heard of it or no what it is about?

Now it's time to curl up with Angel, our family dog, although she really is my mums, and go to sleep.

Until Next Time
A Girl With A Dream.


  1. Sleep is good. Things always look a little "lighter" after a good sleep. :-) I have not read Paradise Lost, but I understand it is one of the great works. Good luck with Art Deadline!

  2. I love sleeping, I just seem to be doing so much sleeping at the minute and still feeling tired. It seems to be really good so far you should check it out. :) Thank you! It's tomorrow so a little bit stressed.

  3. Glad it's not just me, hope you feel less tired soon :)

  4. I think we all need a weekend Just full of sleep!

  5. Your diagram looks so good. I wish i could draw even half as good as you.
    Hope you got the sleep you needed.

  6. Thanks ruffles, I have managed to get some of the sleep that I needed


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