Star the wonder pony

Today began day four of the poor miniature shetland star being missing, so me and my best mate Evie who had stopped at mine last night decided to head out again to look for him, we spent two hours walking from way he had last been seen and were rather disheartened to find nothing, with the weather as it was last night (Heavy snow) and no sightings of Star things were not looking good. But today against all odds star proved that he was a fighter and returned home to his family. He had run down an alley way near his home and got trapped under a tree, so he was staying sheltered but couldn't get out, his owner went out knocking door to door, and was told that they had heard an odd neighing sound coming from down the alley way. Heidi rushed down the alley way to find a very cold star who had lost a lot of weight over the four days but other than that wasn't harmed at all, she rushed him home to wrap him up in blankets and gave him access to plenty of food. It looks like someone was watching over this special little pony and keeping him safe.

There was no riding for me today which is what allowed me to go out looking again we walked over three miles according to google maps. My mum had text Fiona this morning to see whether my lesson would be on or not and because of the snow the school had turned to ice and was just to dangerous to go out in, so that meant that I didn't get too see Gatsby either :((. I was going to go and groom him but decided that my time was better off spent looking for the horse. It's been decided that if the weather stays the same next week I will either do some stable management or lunging or something along those lines so that I still get some pony time. I think this whole thing with star really makes me realise how lucky I am to have such a great horse to ride, that I trust more than any other animal. 

When I got in I curled up for a while and started to get really sleepy but just couldn't seem to nod off so today I have spent a while working on building my website and making it so there is at least something there. I know this is going to be something that isn't easy today but it's something I want to do and believe in and I think that is what will make it work. If anyone wants to check it out its any comments about it will be welcome :) So feel free to let me know what you think. You can also like our facebook page from the website too :D 

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  1. So glad they found Star! What a pony.

  2. I'm so glad the pony made it back safely!


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