Textiles AS is Finally over!

Today was my day for my retake of my AS textiles Exam and I went in feeling confident about it, I had revised a lot this time I knew my stuff and I was ready for whatever was going to come up. I was sitting right at the back of the hall, which i preferred and there wasn't that many people, that were doing other exams, well other than my entire textiles class that was retaking the exam. The first section was really easy and was on fibre's which I had been revising with my mum whilst washing my hair after we had been swimming. The next section that we had to answer was to do with environmental and ethical issues, I also found this quite simple, although with having broken my right hand twice, my hand was really starting to hurt by this point, but I just ignored it and got on with doing my paper that was the important thing. Then the final section was to do with what fibre blends, fabrics, embellishments and fastenings make for a good school skirt, we then had to judge between two skirts which was the one that fitted the criteria that fitted the most. That's a basic nutshell of what we did during my exam. 

After this I went home to a freezing cold house because guess what there was problems with the heating again. Over night the boiler had drained of all water leaving the house freezing cold, mum tried to sort this and then when my dad went to check on my brothers radiator he walked in to find water coming out of the attic/roof area and going everywhere, everything was getting soaked. We turned the water off and mum rang a plumber while I was in my exam and he came pretty quickly but he is still here trying to sort it all out, he looked at the plumbing and found that there was water going everywhere because a mouse that had gotten in the roof had been chewing through it for some time and caused quite a big whole but then pressure from the water made the whole even bigger. So my dad ended up taking me to school and dropping me off so I arrived 30 minutes early for my exam, and then came home at the end of it because I was just completely knackered, with not sleeping well recently. Now I am off to google horses illnesses and decided what I will be posting about next in my 'how the horse works series'.

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  1. That exam sounds really interesting! That sucks about your heater!!!

  2. It was interesting and I was happy with what I came up with so that was a good start. The heating came on roughly three hours later and my nan lives with us who's 84 so we were all a bit worried about her and she ended up taking a tumble this morning, but seems to be better now we have heat!

  3. Glad your exam went well. !!


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