Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true

Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true
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This time last year

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This time last year I hadn't started writing a blog, I just simply didn't have the time for a blog, I had made one, but never bothered with it in fact i can't even remember what it's called or the password for it or anything! A year ago I was extremely stressed out as this was the final week for my art Unit One and then it was time for the Exam Paper to come out. Well not so this year, my art journey has been filled with ups and downs and a subject that I used to love, I now spend a lot of time hating but I think this is because of my Art Teacher. See my art teacher has to have everything his way and if it's not all his way then he gets grumpy. Earlier this year he was told that he was pushing me to hard and it was making me feel ill, I was over working myself and leaving no other time for any of my other subjects and because of this my Exam Results suffered a lot. Well I have decided that this is simply not going to be the case this year, yes I want a good grade, but I don't want a good grade at the risk of my other subjects! That's just not how it works at all! So even though my art deadline is on Thursday I am NOT getting stressed out I have done the best that I can do and I don't think that it is fair to ask for anything more than my best, sure I might have less A1/A2 Sheets of work than other people but I know that the sheets that I have got are to the best of my Standard. Today I had art and just got on with what i wanted to do and decided to just ignore my Art Teacher, he was being tetchy and snappy and I just wasn't in the mood to put up with it, why should I? Just because someone else has annoyed him doesn't mean that he should be allowed to take it out on me! I'm not saying that he has to be super nice but I am saying that people need to be treated fairly. Okay rant over! 

This morning was the first full day back in school in two weeks and it was so tiring. I had PDC as my first lesson during this time I put important horse Clinic dates in my diary and just spent some time reading all your lovely blogs. Then it was time for English and we got a new book to start reading and it is some exam work that we are working. The first one is a poem called Lost Paradise and the Second one that we are going to be looking at is the white devil. Then I had art but I think we've all heard enough about that. After this I had lunch then a free, during this time I looked on my university course stuff and found some new video's and presentations and decided that I would do my assessment when I got in. Then I had textiles and just did some boring folder work. 

I did the Assessment twice as we get three chances because the first time I only got 90% and the second time I got 100% right so I was really pleased to see that I got 100% right in the end. I then started a thread on the discussion forum for the course about the assessment and have spoken to what seem like lovely people that are really interested in the Subject. There's not been a lot else going on and after being in school all day I am really tired so I am going to call it a day here and say, 

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