Another Uneventful Day.

The good news is that after starting the antibiotics I am starting to feel better, I am still not 100% but it's a start and that is all that I need to keep me positive. Today has been spent doing art work and reading a book. I decided that seen as I wasn't going to school that I was going to do some more art so i did the last drawing that I needed to do to finish the A1 sheet that I was doing, then my mum came back from doing the shopping and had bought a new book that was based around the salem witches I've started reading it and it is really good so far. 

Tomorrow I get to ride Gatsby, and dad should be coming to see him but the question is will I get to achieve another small goal, seen as I ride Gatsby I am hoping that I'll be able to but I will let you all know tomorrow. 

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A girl With A Dream


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