Art and Illness

Tuesday, 5 February 2013
It's been a few days since I have been able to post, and here is why. I have had a really saw throat, since before christmas my dad has had the bug that has been going around everybody, where you get the painful throat, no voice and feeling sick and rough as well. Well Sunday night my throat started really hurting and I was feeling really rough and just didn't know what was up. Well my voice has got progressively worse, If I talk for any longer than a few minutes then all you can hear is me croaking. I haven't even managed to get in to school yet this week, I am hoping to get into school tomorrow, as I really need to show my art teacher my work so that he can see kind of where I am wanting to head with my art work. 

Seen as I haven't managed to get in to school this week I have printed out the photographs that I needed for my project and mounted them up this took two sheets of A1 Black card. I then did some paintings these were images that I found on the internet and it was a character (there was 7) and the dress each character wore and the pose that they were in suggested which sin each of the characters were, I mounted these up on to an A1 sheet and then I had some gaps left over so I decided that I was going to write some information about each of the different sins, I then stuck these on to the A1 sheet above or next to each of the paintings that I have done. Tomorrow (if I am in) I will take it to show my art teacher during my lesson and I am hoping that he is going to like what I am planning on doing, if not then the next three months are going to be extremely painful but you never know. 

I am also really hoping that the snow is going to stay away, early today me and my mum looked outside and it looked like a blizzard and was settling but then it stopped and completely disappeared. It's been given out that there is going to be more snow over night but I am hoping or wishing that it will not be the case.

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  1. Ruffles said...:

    Oh no. I hope you feel better quickly.

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