Feeling Privileged

Recently I've been talking to this girl on facebook that I've met a couple of times through Riding we'll call her A. She is such a sweet girl and lovely to chat to and we had got to know each other like I said through riding. When I went on facebook tonight it said that A had tagged me in a photograph, I was really confused because I hadn't seen her and thought she hadn't got any pictures of me but when I looked at it, it made sense. She had tagged me in a photograph she'd taken and wanted my opinion of her work. I felt so Privileged and honored that someone was looking to me for advice on their work. I told her what I thought and then she asked if I knew of any Editing software, my first thought was Photoshop but that was too expensive for her! So I did some looking and found a serif software that she could download for free and use to edit her photographs, she's currently downloading it and is asking me questions about what GCSE's I did and what could be good for her to do, I suggested art as this would allow her to be creative and then suggested doing a media based subject for example a photography course if they do one at her school, A said that they did and that she would talk to her form tutor who is the head of photography department tomorrow.

School got closed early today and unfortunately the main subject that I wanted to do was the lesson that had got cancelled, so I didn't go in today and instead spent some time taking pictures and here are some of them :) I hope you like them : 

I LOVE ANGEL! She is such a cute fur ball, and so loving even if she can be just a little nuts at times.

My Favourite picture of Angel :)

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A Girl With A Dream


  1. Great pictures!!!

    That is awesome that A asked your advice on some pics :)

  2. Gimp is a great free editing program too, like photoshop but free lol

  3. How cool :-) Love all the pics

  4. Karley - Thank you for the comments on my pictures, I love taking them and this was just for fun. :) I was so shocked when A asked my opinion I waas never expecting it.

    T Meyers - I'll have to look at Gimp do you know if it works on a Mac too.

    Ruffles - Thank you :D, glad that you like them :)


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