Glands like golf balls!

Today I decided seen as my throat wasn't getting any better and I was just starting to feel rougher and rougher that it was time to go to the doctors and see what they had got to say. The only appointment was at 4:10pm and my little brother needed picking up at 4pm, so my mum dropped me off at the doctors at roughly 3:50 and then went to wait for my brother and to hope that I had got seen by the time that she had come back, wrong! It was 4:25 before my doctor called for me and when he did, he asked what was wrong and I told him, then he asked if it was okay to look at the back of my throat he did the whole lollipop stick to push the tongue down to see the back of my throat and it looked clear, hmmm confusing! Then he went to feel my glands and all I heard was 'wow' and then 'does this hurt', so I said yeah it was uncomfortable and making me feel sick, next he said 'your gland is the size of a golf ball' well lovely! That is not what I wanted to know, he doesn't know whether it is viral or bacterial so has put me on a course of Antibiotics that i have to take two of four times a day! Let's hope that this will make me feel better some time soon! 

Yesterday as you can probably have guessed by the photographs, my baby nephew Came round with my sister and her boyfriend for tea, we used to do this a lot but not so much anymore. It was funny because to start with he had just woken up and was being soooo grumpy, wonder where he gets that from hmmm? My sister maybe? Me maybe? Joking she is amazing! Then all of a sudden  he started pointing at everything and that was it he was wide awake. Then my sister wanted him to show us how he can walk now, but nope he wouldn't do that, he was still being just a little bit grumpy. So we all sat down at the table to have our tea including Brody, he wasn't that hungry until he got the idea that he can feed himself, he likes to feed himself and now he has figured this out that's it he wants to eat everything including his favourite at the minute chocolate cake! Then he wanted to get out of his chair and just wonder so he did just that! He walked right up to the dog (who isn't sure if she likes him or not yet, she much prefers to run away from him) stroked her and she had a heart attack and ran away! Then he was walking all over the place, he was playing on the floor with his Gran-Gran,  playing cars and he had a game to wind everyone up, he'd pretend to give them something and then take them away, he like's to tease people! Then all of a sudden I was sitting on the steps in to our sitting room and he walked as fast as he can and climbed up on me and wanted me to carry him around so that he could find Angel, but Angel didn't like this so she kept running off but he wanted to stroke her, so we sat on the chair with him on my knee and Angel ran past my knee's Brody put his hand out and stroked her, I don't know who was more shocked Brody or Angel. I foresee lots of chasing Angel in the future, but I think that eventually she will get used to him and chill out and let him be around her but who knows! Brody's already sat on Gatsby and he seemed to enjoy that, maybe we should start on something smaller like hmmm I don't know Angel, maybe? 

I've also been doing some art work seen as I haven't been in to school because of being ill, I figured out that I would do some art work at home, I now have 2 A1 sheets of photographs, an A1 sheet that has paintings of each of the 7 sins and writing about them and I have got one more A5 drawing to do and then I will have an A1 sheet of observational studies. So even though I am ill I still have more work than some people in my art class I am really happy to hear about this.

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  1. Thanks L, I'm hoping that the antibiotics will kick in soon xx

  2. Sorry you're under the weather. Hope the meds work quick!

  3. Thanks Guys, I'm hoping they'll kick in soon, I can talk a bit more today than I could do yesterday :D W


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