Happy Valentines day and complications

Hey guys,  

Happy Valentines day, I hope that you all had a good day. I've been trying to think of a really interesting horse post that is something different to my everyday horse posts, I wanted it to be something unique but so far I haven't been able to decide what so if there is anything that you would like to see that is different to the normal things that I blog about then please let me know! 

Today hasn't been the best of days, my mum had got a hospital appointment so I said that I would go with her because I had a lesson and then I had a free, so instead of going into Art and then coming home I didn't go in to sixth form until later in the day and went to the hospital with my Mum instead. To start with when we tried to park the car we found that both of the car parks were full, so we had to wait for 15 minutes for someone to leave the car park so that we could park the car. We were then waiting for her to see the consultant, and it was a nightmare, we waited for half an hour before asking how far behind he was running and how long it would take til it would be her appointment, the first answer that we got was he was running over an hour later, then it was 40 minutes and then this changed to 50 minutes. The nurse just couldn't make her mind up how long it was going to be, so mum said that she had other commitments and that she would have to rebook it, Mum and I then went with the nurse to do the booking form to book a new appointment and the nurse said to the receptionist 'this lady won't wait' and my mum ever so calmly explained that it wasn't that she wouldn't wait it was that she couldn't wait. The nurse then told my mum that when making a hospital appointment your supposed to leave half a day for it! Now both me and my mum have had A LOT of hospital appointments, me with my stomach and  my mum with the problems that she has with her shoulder (but that is a story for another day), and we have never heard that your supposed to leave half a day in case the consultant is running late, is it just me or have you guys never heard of this before? 

Then we came home on and I helped my mum with home sharing on iTunes so that she could take some of the songs that I have on my iTunes and put them on hers so that she could then listen to them in the car because it is something that both my brother, my mum and I all like. But this then lead to me deciding that I wanted to download some new songs and spent two hours doing this, the main artist that I was downloading was Shania Twain, she's the only western kind of artist that I like.

It was then time for school and I had got textiles, well this got so confusing because my best mate was in sixth form last year but she didn't get the grades to carry on this year, so Evie went to college to do health and social care so that eventually she can become a social worker. But because she was at the sixth form last year she has been invited to the End of year sixth form ball, you get to take pictures and it is supposed to be really fun. However Evie wants to go on a trip to Africa to help the people that are in trouble and having problems so she couldn't afford to pay for it but our friend convinced the school to pay for her so that she could go. No-one told me this though until today and they need to know by tomorrow whether she's going and if so what she wants to eat. I still have no idea whether she is going or not. I think she is but I am not going to know til tomorrow so I can't answer all the questions that people are wanting me to answer. I don't know why people can't just text her, they all have her number and would be perfectly able to send her a message over the past few weeks but instead have waited til the last minute to ask me to try and get hold of her and figure out what she is doing. I'll let you know about that as soon as I know about that. 

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  1. Happy Valentines day to you too!! I havent heard about having to leave half a day for the hospital before!! That sounds kinda silly to be honest.

  2. Hope that everyone had a good day :), Ruffles i thought it was stupid, I've had so many appointments I've never heard this :)

  3. That's crazy! I hope your mom will be okay!


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