long day

Today has been another long but fun day, it was today that I was going to be going out with some friends that I've known since I did my first work experience over 3 years ago and S was horse mad and just starting her lessons at parkside. Today we decided to make a day out of it and just have a laugh and have fun and the majority was a real giggle, so I'll get the bad bit out of the way first. We were driving a long the motorway and D was driving and there was a lorry on one side of us and on the other an AA van, and D had to slam his breaks on because this van started to swerve towards us and if D hadn't slimmed his breaks on the van would have drove into the side of us, but in the process their dog Tammy (who sits on the back seat) was slammed into the front passengers seat, the poor little pup. Other than that we had a good day we had a drive around the countryside and then went to this really nice fish and chip restaurant that I love and I love their chicken nuggets and chips. Then we went to one of my all time favourite places... A TACK SHOP! I bought myself a fuzzy lead rope to use when showing Gataby and D and S got me a step and store box, it does what it says on the tin, you can stand on it to reach horses that put their heads in the air but in the inside there was room for brushes and all sorts of horse stuff. This was an early birthday present, and I loved it, it will deffo come in use.Then we sat in Chatsworth and had a look at all the deer there was so many of them!

After that I came home and just chilled out as I was just so tired. I put some of the horse bits and bobs that I have got for my riding in the box and watched Eastenders, I love that show but other than that I haven't really done anything. Tomorrow I am back upto the Stables at 8:30 til 12 to help out and am then going back up again at 4 so that I get to ride Gatsby, it's going to be another good but tiring day, so I am going to head to bed so that I have plenty of energy tomorrow.

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p.s. my nan also had a nasty fall and might have broken her hand so my mum's ringing the doctors tomorrow and going to get a doctor to come and check on her and if he says it might be broken she is then going to try and force my nan to go to the hospital,  her wrist is two or three times the size it normally is and is completely black, she can hardly do anything so it is kind of worrying what she has done but I will let you all know tomorrow :)


  1. Sounds like an awesome day!! Sorry to hear about your nan tho. Hope shes ok.


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