Naughty Gatsby PART TWO

So this afternoon I went back up to ride Gatsby, I spent half an hour grooming him because before he decided to play he had a lovely rolling session in the field, so while I was doing this Fiona was lunging Romeo and Susan was lunging Fussy, so I had the whole yard to myself, then when they came back up I went down to ride Gatsby and Fiona held my stirrup while I got on because with him being so big I didn't want to get on him on my own because the mounting steps aren't that tall, so it can be quite a jump to get on him. The minute I got on him you could tell it was going to be interesting because he didn't want to stand still I had to do my stirrups while working round and attempt to do the girth while walking but that was pushing it too far so I told Gatsby to stand still and stop being a bugger while I did his girth up it took me three attempts but then he did eventually stand still, naughty pony. I did some warm up work but he was getting faster and being naughty so moved up pretty quickly to doing the Trot work, I spent a while doing rising trot and then when he felt chilled out a bit I moved on to doing sitting trot work but I also made sure that he spent the majority of the time working in an outline, because I had the school to myself I decided that I was going to do a bit of leg-yielding but when trying to do this he just kept running through the reins, so I made him do one good one then really made him work by doing some shoulder in, but I varied this doing it down the side near the walls then the quarter/three quarter line but also I did an exercise where you go down the centre line and for the first half you do shoulder in one way then you bring him back to being straight and do shoulder in the other way, and the entire time he stayed in an outline! I'm probably not describing it to well so there will be a diagram drawn for the post tomorrow. I then put Gatsby in his stable untacked him and rugged him up and then gave him his night feed and he was very polite. 

Straight after that I came over to my sisters, as I am stopping here for the night and Brody wasn't very well and was very clingy to my sister but then eventually he let go and came to play with me we had a McDonald's for tea and then just chilled out watching T.V and having a laugh and we also had chocolate. Brody was so funny with the chocolate he kept picking up the chocolate and grapes and just giving them to me and we couldn't stop laughing it was just so funny, we watched some more TV and then decided that it was time for bed. 

That's all for now. 
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  1. Started out naughty and ending with a polite horse. You did a good job working with Gatsby.

  2. Sounds like you handled him really well.

  3. Thank you guys :) I was so shocked how when I made him work while initially he resisted it in the end he was well behaved and showed his manners :)


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