Seven Deadly Sins

Well today has been a long day, I have been doing some art work to give me a chance to start off well and get back on track, I got my exam paper on Friday and we had to pick one question out of I think it was 9 and one was the 'Impact Of Colour'. For those of you that no mean i just love bright colours especially pink! I then knew that I wanted to use a Japanese style of drawing called Manga, what I needed to figure out next was how am I going to do this? Hmmmmm. So for a while I sat thinking on Friday night about what colours are linked with, then it popped in to my head that each of the seven deadly sins has it's own colour. The next thing that I needed was a model to take pictures with Enter my Best friend Evie, She agreed to do it but said that we couldn't do it until this afternoon. When she arrived I had to think of how the photographs were going to work the First thing that we did was look up fancy dress shops, one problem, it's Sunday and they are all closed. Eventually we decided on a shop so we took some photo's in the shop with different outfits on. We then came home and watched 'LOL' and I did some more painting whilst we were watching that. Then we took some more photo's and I am planning on mixing dresses that I have taken before with the photographs that I have taken with Evie.

We also got to see Gatsby!! On way to the shop that we were going to was where Gatsby is being kept now. We decided that we were going to call in so that my best mate could ask about starting to have lessons where I ride now, Fiona wasn't in BUT Gatsby's Owner Jenny was there. We had a really nice chat which included her saying she loved me riding Gatsby and also the fact that I looked after him, it also meant that I got to see some Gatsby BABY pictures they were so cute! We had a really good chat and I learnt lots more about Gatsby. She asked about the accident that I had with Arthur and I explained that I had asked to ride Gatsby and got told that they need to ask her, and then I got told that they asked her and that she said no! GUESS WHAT? Broomfield NEVER asked about me riding Gatsby on the show day because Jenny told me that she would have said yes straight away, and I said that I'd asked if I could ask her myself and got told 'no' and they weren't allowed to do that, and she said she would never have said no to me riding him on the show day, I hate being lied to over things and the worst part is if I had rode Gatsby I would never have had the accident! She was then showing me some pictures of when she moved Gatsby and it was horrible because he was so under weight you could see his bones and everything, she even said the first thing I thought when I saw him like this was 'my horse looks like a rescue horse' I was so shocked to see the pictures and felt so sorry for the poor horse. 

Anyway that's all for now as I am starting to get tired and my Voice is also starting to ache a lot like it has been doing all day. 
Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream.


  1. Would love to see the baby pics!! Get some rest xx

  2. Omg i imagine Gatsby would look adorable as a foal. His owner sounds really nice.

  3. She was so lovely proper made me smile, I'll have to post some of his younger pictures soon!


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