A quick Video,

Here is a quick video that i meant to post the other day, it shows me and Gatsby mainly at canter but also occasionally a bit of our trot work, it includes pictures as well as Video clips, but I think that it is effective and really shows the changes that are happening with me and Gatsby. I love having Videos of my riding as it really shows how much I have changed in my riding and also how much Gatsby is changing too. At the end of my lesson on Saturday Fiona said 'how impressed she was with me and Gatsby' and it was just so nice to hear because I know that because I am improving my riding I am also improving Gatsby and how he works. I've helped him on getting in an outline in the walk and trot and now together Gatsby and I will get through our Canter block. My problem is that I tense up and I worry about falling off. Gatsby's got two problems the first is that he tends to rush in to the canter  but also when he tries to drop into an outline in Canter he panics and trips and thinks that he can't do it when he Can do it but here's the video for you all.

Let me know what you all think! 

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  1. It looks wonderful. You are really getting relaxed. That is a whole lotta horse to get collected under you.

  2. Thank you, he can get really head strong and when he does I start to get worried but the rest of the time he's okay.


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