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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

As I write this I am sitting in my Art lesson, with nothing to do, although this probably won’t get posted until this evening, as the internet single in the art conservatory is rubbish. We haven’t got a lesson today because it is the year 11 art exam day one of two, so we get put in the conservatory where we have to sit in silence and work, which is okay but pretty annoying to be honest as the conservatory gets overly hot and there’s hardly ever any room because not only are year 13 (my year) in here as a scheduled lesson, but there’s also year 12’s that have come in during there frees to get some work done. As I got here a bit late, I’m not able to go in and get any paper so I can’t paint and as I can’t get on the internet so I also can’t do an artist study which was my original plan. Okay Rant over!

A while ago I said that I would post an ‘art related’ post that was tips that my art teacher gave me on how to make my horses look more realistic. The first thing that I remember he suggested that I did was look at close up parts of the horses face for example the eye, and practice until I had got these parts really sorted and was drawing them in the right proportions. Then once I had got this sorted to build up to doing an entire horses face. The thing that I always do is draw a really rough sketch of the outline of the horse so that you can see if the proportions look roughly right, if they did I then went back over it and added in more details. I found that this was the best way for me to get the horse really accurate. My art teacher also used to suggest that to get a rough idea for the outline of the horse to start with draw it on an light box starting with drawing everything on the light box and being really detailed then each time use the light box to draw a little bit less. Hope this helps!  I’ll also put some of my animal drawing at the end of this post so you can see the type of thing that I like doing, some might be pretty old so might not be the best but it will show how I’ve developed my work over the time.

Recently I have found that I want to do more artistic things I don’t know whether this is because I am enjoying the subject/project that I am working on or if it’s because I know that there is less than a month until I no longer have to do art with the art teacher that I have at the moment!

Anyway That’s all for now.
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  1. I find when I like what I"m working on I get realllllyyyy into it.

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