Busy Days and Nan's Return

Today was another pretty much full day in school, when I went in I had got double textiles I used the time to finish off my final garment which was roughly three inches of beading, so that it is finished four weeks early I'm really happy with this as normally I still have loads to do near the end and that's not the case this time. I then had my lunch time, I spent some time looking at Mini's trying to find out a rough price, and also looked at personalized plates as originally it was said that I would get my mum's plate which is L12 ASR, which is my mum's name Liz and my initials at the end, but I saw one that I liked that was 'MM02 AMB', the amb part would stand for amber, MM stands for Mini Milk which is what my sister used to call with me, and 02 was just two random numbers. 

I then had English and we were looking more in depth at the second scene of the White Devil, as this is the exam book and I want to get the best understanding as I can, my English teacher also told me about two study guides for the books that we are studying that would be really helpful to buy, hint hint Mum! I then had Art which went really well, for Monday I've got to have an A1 Compositional Idea's sheet so I just spent some time looking at different Manga characters and I then have drawn out three different A4 idea's that I really like! When we got in my Dad and I took the dog for a walk, it's been a while because my Dad was getting in to late to go for a walk with the dog, but now he's said that he wants to get really in shape and doing some exercise will really help me to, so we're starting off having small walks with Angel and then my Dad wants to build up to doing over a mile a day, which is cool with me as I love walking. 

Then I started doing some work on the last week of my online course as I just didn't have time last week. I had just watched the first 10minute video when my mum started getting phone calls off my Uncle. My Nan had decided that she was leaving she didn't feel safe in hospital and wanted to come home, Mum and I shoved our tea down our throats ran out the door and where on our way to try and convince her not to but by the time that we got there my Nan had managed to convince her consultant that she could go home, they didn't want her to but gave in and said she could come home. The doctors have let her home so her doctor is going to book a Echo-cardiograph for her to have as an out patient. So we bought Nan home and everyone was just so glad to see her home even Angel was jumping up and down her, trying to be gentle but to say hello. When we got back in I made my nan a hot drink opened my laptop up and finished my last week of my online course and did the final assessment, I think that it has gone so well and I'm really happy with it and feel like I know so much more! 

Tomorrow I get my English Coursework results but I also get my Textiles re-take results, so I'm nervous about that but excited to! I can't have done much worse than last time, so the only way is up! 

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  1. Glad to hear she is home. It is so wierd to see the differences in health care. If a doc wants an echo for my patient I just call up radiology and it is done within the hour. Then again here most people can't afford health insurance and are bankrupt if they ever need to go to the hospital.

  2. I'm really happy that she is home, it's awful the NHS that we have over here, The NHS where you are sounds so much better than where we are other than the money thing. Our NHS is free but you can pay to go private as well but that costs a fortune .


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