Long Tiring Day

I managed to find that I could change my template to a two column template instead of three column template and I have to say I much prefer the two column to the three, I think it gives the blog a better look and makes you look at the post more not what is on the rest of the page.

Today has been a really tiring day and it's not that I have done a lot because in reality I haven't done a lot. When I got up my Mum and I put Jeremy Kyle on and I started doing some art work, I should have two A1 Sheets for tomorrow and I might have (if I do an artist study tonight) but it's more than likely that I will leave it at one sheet. Today the doctor and the district nurse came to see Nan and although she says that she feels rough to them she looks to be improving which is the most important thing, but as the do goes on she becomes harder to move, her breathing worsens and her speech becomes hard to hear.

Tomorrow is a full day of school for me, I have english Literature first lesson and then I have double art a free and then textiles, so it ends up being quite a long busy day which is quite tiring for me but the plus side is that I have finished all of my coursework for textiles other than printing and sticking somethings so compared to some people I'm ahead. I finished my garment over a month ago (in fact I think it was before christmas) and some people still haven't finished theirs. 

My plan for the rest of the evening is to curl up with a good book and watch Eastenders, Corrie and Emmerdale, I love soaps! 

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