My Riders Diary's Arrived

Yesterday my Riders Diary that I had ordered finally arrived and I love it, theres so many different things that you can use it for and I think this is what I love about it! When you open it up there's room for you to put your details, the date you got it, and also important phone numbers that you might need then you turn the page and there is room to put details about your riding school (phone number, address etc.) and also room to write down any memberships that you might have! The next session is horse details here you have room to write about three horses that you have/ride and also a section to put what tack and rugs you have for your horse but also what clothing you use. Then there is a health section this has got room for you to put about their feed, dental records and hoof care, I think this is the section that I will find the least useful because I don't own my own horse I ride Gatsby and will eventually be using him for competitions and I will also be using him for Pony Club. But because he is not mine I don't know that much about his dental or hoof care, I do know somethings about his feed though. There is a training/lesson section here you put the goal you had for the lesson the date of the lesson and whether you accomplished the goal you also have a section where you can put about your goals as a rider. The competition section is something that I think I will use a lot it's a section that you can put about dressage competitions and jumping. You can also put the judge in where the competition was the score you got and also any extra comments about the competition. My favourite part is the diary here you can put all the information about your riding, you can put pictures and all that type of thing and I can't wait to start using this section. You can also put in dates for competitions and things like this and I think that this is something I like and will find really useful. The last two sections are Other and Breeding, in the other section I got a pony club refill. Here you put about all the activities you do with pony club and things like that and I love it! The breeding section is something that I don't think I will use and if I do use it, it won't be for a very very long time. 

Today was another full school day, I got loads of work done and was really happy with that, then when I got in I just spent sometime chilling out and relaxing as I have been feeling really really tired recently. Tomorrow I go in to school for an hour and a half, then I come home to look after my nan (I have two free lessons so I'm not missing anything) then I'll go back in to school at two o'clock for my double english lesson, I think it has to be the worst day of the week. 

Saturday I get to ride Gatsby and then I get to go up again later to see Fiona ride in a workshop that she is doing, which will be really interesting and also will give me lots to put in my rider's Diary I'm really excited! 

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A Girl With A Dream 


  1. I love the sound of the rider's diary! These are all things that I wish I kept better track of. It might be fun for you to get familiar with Gatsby's dental and hoof care. It could be a useful reference for when you finally get your own horse.

  2. thats a good idea I'll deffo ask fiona more about it! thanks story! xx

  3. I'll do it in a post tomorrow! It's great, I find it really useful :D x


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