New Look - New Year - A Tad Late!

Okay so this is a little bit late but I have been wanting to do it since the new year, with the new year been and gone I decided that it was time to give my blog a new look. I've spent so long looking for a blogger template that I really liked and I couldn't find any until I stumbled across this one by accident and I decided that I really liked it. I think the thing that I liked the most about this template is that I could put a slider in, so I chose four of the pictures I have of Gatsby and make them in to a slider, so all you need to do to look at them is click the green arrow that it shows. Let me know what you guys think. Also it means that my slider can change depending on the time of the year and that kind of the thing making my blog a bit more seasonal! I think the only thing that I would change would be that this is a three column template not a tow column template, does anyone know if there is a way to decrease the amount of columns from three down to two?  

So far today I haven't really done a lot, I went for a walk with my Dad, as we have started walking Angel more, she's such a funny dog, all day she can lie around sleeping and then she hears the words 'walk' or 'lead' and she becomes the most active Dog in the world, sometimes you don't have to say the words she just looks at you and knows. It's pretty funny to watch, I love having a dog, they can cuddle you at night time, make you feel better, and share amazing memories with you. Angel was originally my sisters dog but at the time she had got two cats (she still has them) and wasn't well so she couldn't deal with Angel, so her dad rang my mum and asked if we would have Angel, mum agreed and we have had some funny moments, gotta love that puppy (even though she's not a puppy I always call her puppy). 

I forgot to put in my post yesterday that there was only going to be one post. Fiona didn't get as much interest as she had wanted in the workshop/clinics and the weather was really bad, so she decided that she wasn't going to do it yesterday but that she will do it on a nicer day, which I thought was really nice! I really like Fiona, it's taken a while but I think that I've found a riding teacher that I finally click with, she's not afraid to push me past my limits, but she doesn't push me to far which is something that I really like and respect. I want to be pushed harder and I think that because of my stomach problems and getting tired so easily that most riding teachers decide not to push me, where as Fiona pushes me a little bit harder each time and it really is improving my riding but also my stomach for other aspects of my life.

Last night the doctor came out to check up on my Nan as we were getting really worried about her breathing as she was getting to the point that she was basically hyperventilating, the doctor reassured her that her breathing and oxygen levels were okay (in fact they were better than mine and Nan's 85) and that the Anti-biotics were starting to work which was great. He also explained to Nan that the reason she gets so out of breath and the reason she finds it hard to breath is that basically her hearts not working properly. We are all hoping that when the infection is out of her lungs and that the water stops being stored in her body that her heart will go back to how it was before she had the two falls. Tomorrow her regular doctor will be coming out to see how she's doing so we will hopefully get a few more answers then. Her doctor is such a nice person and genuinely does care about her which is something that I can't say a lot of the doctors at our GP do.

I've also been losing some weight recently, other than one night I haven't been eating during the night which was my biggest problem but I also have been eating less during the day. I'm only having one big meal and small things to eat during the day for example cereal bars and things like that! I really do think that walking for longer and more frequently is making a big difference and when my Nan's better I'm hoping to get back in to swimming more often and regularly again! 

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