One Part down just two more to go.

This morning I had my first step towards not being a learner driver anymore, I had my theory test and was really nervous about it so that's one of the reasons that I didn't feel like writing long posts but I'm back and guess what? I PASSED MY THEORY TEST!!! I was really nervous about it this morning and because of this I didn't feel like being chatty to anyone and was in a really grumpy mood which I always end up doing when I feel nervous. I was so relieved to see that the questions that came up on the exam where questions that I had been practicing for the last few weeks and I was buzzing! Now all I need to do is pass my practical test (my theory test pass lasts for two years) and get myself a Mini, so that I can get places. 

Then this evening as a way to kind of celebrate I decided that I was going Bowling with some mates, it was great I loved it! We all had a laugh my best mate Evie took me and bought me back and I was dead happy with my bowling results as it has been AGES since I went bowling, I won one of the games and then came second in the second game losing by only to points, spencer came 2nd when I came first and I came 2nd when he was first so we were pretty happy with the results that I got.  

Now I'm curled up chilling out, about to do some reading before I hopefully get a good nights sleep, as I didn't get one last night! I'm hoping that I get to ride this weekend but there is more snow forecast for the end of this week! Seriously it's MARCH and it's snowing I'm sure it's supposed to be spring already! Tomorrow I have school but I am feeling rough so I'm going to go in for at leas the morning so that I am in for Art and English, then I might come home at 2:00 because I have a free and then textiles and I am ahead in all my textiles work so it would be more effective for me to go in first thing and then just come home a little earlier. 


  1. YAY learning how to drive! I remember being scared and thinking I'd never get my license and now that I've been driving for years and years it feels weird thinking that once I didn't know how.

  2. I felt so nervous that I felt sick, cause I didn't think I could do it! So glad to know that I can do it! Can't wait to drive! xxx


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